Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm already designing, how about you?


Hey ladies it's been 2 days since the emails were sent out and I still havent heard from three of the girls. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATLY

If you're on the list, you have already received a similar email to which I need a response ASAP. Or maybe 3, my server was acting funny! It's important to respond via email instead of a simple comment because I need you're mailing address and I prefer to keep that information private. I will be updating this constantly with new information so please keep an eye out. All changes will be made in purple =]

Now for the fun part...

We have come to the conclusion of the sign up's and here is the official list of all participants:

Jessica from Kid's Napping? I'm Scrapping!
Sarah from my So Called Junky Life
Missy from Fairy Child Heirlooms
Leslie from Junkgirl Studio
Michelle from Studio at Crow Haven Farm
Debi from Life at my Studio
Anita Van Hal from Praierie Papier Ponderer
Andrea from Vintage Paper Bella
Sonya from Vintage Rose Designs
Blanca from Magic Moonlight
Molly P.
Elaine from Elaine at Home
Beth from The Queen of Cups
Tina from Tiny Bear
Mary Ann from Follow You're Bliss
Deborah from The Painted Nest
Becky From Whimsical Musings
Lori from Before The Strike of Midnight
Terri from Blooming Ideas
Debra from It's All Good
Arielle from Le Vintage

That's 22 Total, 2 more than we predicted and I just couldn't say no!
The only difference is making 11 Tags instead of 10,
and if you don't wish to do so just let me know, and the swap shall go on!!!

Swap Rules

1. You will be making 11 Tags; all themed by our beloved Last Queen of France. Each one should have unique color, texture, style or decor. Leave them simple, or pile up a collage... just have fun. You can use the same image and make them different, the goal is to not make any 2 EXACTLY alike. For those of you pressed for time, please don't worry too much about this section. I want the tags to look they way you want to create them- that's our goal!!!

2. Each tag should have the name/information of you're blog on it, but please be sure to put it on the back.

3. The deadline is Tuesday, July 14th. ALL tags must be mailed out by 12 pm Wednesday the 15th at the absolute latest, for me that's Pacific Time. Immediately after doing so please send me an email letting me know- this is extremely important so please take the time to do so.

4. Use sturdy card stock or proper tag materials for creating you're masterpiece. You can find both of these at you're local craft store. The tags should be fairly light, however that also depends on how much you are willing to pay for shipping. Tag sizes can vary, you can make them any shape and size you'd like but make it reasonable. Often tags are a basic 4 3/4" x 2 3/8"

After I receive you're final confirmation email providing you're mailing address, I am going to individually send you a list of the 11 ladies you'll be swapping tags with, including their blog information.

It is fine to follow you're swap partner and talk about the swap with them; however
DO NOT, and I will repeat- DO NOT inform them that you are their partner. This is a surprise to find out at the very end, and to get the benefit of the experience I would not peak at their blog towards the end of the swap because surprises make the best goodies!

7. Thank you Beth for bringing up the next great rule- shipping! To do so, I would suggest using a Padded Mailer to avoid damages to you're beautiful tags. Though it costs extra, you're be so heartbroken if you're stuff arrived damaged and probably sad if someone received you're treats harmed. However as an alternative, you can make you're own. Using sturdy envelope and 2 pieces of good cardboard, you can pad it with packaging material or even some tissue paper and decorate it to you're fancy! This can even save you money.

Email me and provide me with you're mailing address so I can continue keeping my records updated and respond with any questions/ comments you may have.

9. And remember these two things- don't send out anything you wouldn't want to receive, and be creative!!!!!!

*****As far as I am aware, so far we have 1 participant outside the U.S., and because this swap did not say "U.S. Swappers Only", they are welcome. Thus, if you DO NOT want to ship overseas you must let me know before Friday, June 26th, otherwise you're tags are traveling to Denmark!

Please keep the swap clean, friendly, and secure. By responding you are agreeing that all personal information is kept safe and confidential between you and participating swap members.


  1. Each one should have a unique color?

    I had planned to make all 11 the same...same color...so does this mean something different than I am currently understanding.

  2. Will you be providing any images or are we to find them all off of public domain on the internet?

  3. I've made several tags so far. . . are we allowed to post them on our blog? Or will that ruin the surprise?

  4. I have responded - hope you have got it.
    Almost finished with my tags - have to post
    them a bit before the deadline :D

  5. I'm working on my tags and cannot wait to show them off. Even if I tried I couln't keep them the same cos I am having so much fun. So when do I recieve the email with the addresses to send them to?