Friday, July 3, 2009


Outside I hear my neighbor hitting his bongo drums to the intense African music and that July 3rd steak smell is already sizzling. Perfect day to lay by the pool and catch a nice tan in the summer warmth. I love that feeling of the sun englufing you're body like a warm blanket and sweeping you with a layer of light. And oh- those dreaded UV rays, what would we do without that anticipated cool breeze? Lately I've been so busy with the swap I've hardly had any time to blog! I've been up to quite a lot, some of you may have heard it was me and the hubby's 3 year anniversary, and it was quite a treat. He made it a special 3 day adventure, and we had sooo much fun.

I've been having an impossible time finding a job and have been out of work for 6 months now, so to say the least we're struggling. But through all the stress I've still managed to find time to work on the swap and make fruitless attempts to relax, I havent been this stressed out since, like, high school.

I hope you noticed the picture I took up top! I've been trying to get something to sell on etsy it's been like over 2 months but I can't post anything else til I get more than cents in my bank account, so I retook some better button pictures. And as much as I really do want to continue, looks like this is a short blog.

Off to more job hunting...


  1. I pray that you find a job soon along with the millions of others across the nation that are out of work and things start to turn around. I've have not had a full time job since 2001. Seems 9/11 was a turning point. Then the war then the Auto industry and the Banking mess. Anyway It went down to part time and then company moved in 2003. So I've been freelancing since. It has been a real hit and miss. My husband was basically forced to retire 2006 and we are surviving on his pension. And they are chipping away at that. Just want you to know even though our circumstances maybe different I still feel for your situation.
    And swaps like this Marie swap is a great diversion.

  2. I like that you are able to keep positive even though you're stressed to the max. I hope you find a job soon, and your button photo is very very beautiful!

  3. Keeping you in my prayers I hope a fabulous job finds it's way to your door soon!

  4. Great photo.
    Good luck with the job hunting.

  5. This has been a rough year for a whole lot of us, I am a realtor in California, yes the place where house prices went through the roof and then crashed, including my own! We are just starting to get some work, due to the fact that we discount our commission. Keep thinking positive, I am a firm believer of that. I love your cup full of buttons what fun! I will add a link to your Blog on my next post. We will have to strum up some business for you! Hugs, Diane

  6. Hi again I just popped on over to Your Etsy Shop and wow, nice stuff. Another strange thing you live in Moorpark, Is taht Moorpark CA?
    I am in Newbury Park, and Breezy my daughter just moved from Moorpark to Utah. If so we will have to meet and I can save on shipping when I buy from your store!
    Hugs, Diane

  7. Beautiful Photo Girl!!!!! It looks like something out of a magazine~wow!!!!!
    everything vintage

  8. Wow, Arielle!! I am so glad you loved the idea. That is fabulous. Its even winning the votes. Just wonderful. I am already designing PTO tags in my head =)