Monday, August 3, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Hey ladies,

I'm preparing for our next swap, and as you may already have heard the winner is---- Alice in Wonderland!!!!

Now, for this swap I want to try something totally different, and I'd love everyone's advice, feedback and suggestions. What I'm thinking is having each participant pick 4 characters. One should be Alice, another The Queen Of Hearts, and the third the Mad Hatter. The last one is optional, you can either make a Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum, Chesire Cat, or White Rabbit Tag for the last one.

What I am thinking is you make 3 of each tag character, a total of 12 tags. You'd send each one to a different participant, but still swapping Alice for an Alice or a white rabbit for a white rabbit. By the end you'll have 3 different interpretations of Alice and 3 unique designed cards.

One of the fun parts is that you can either use images from the original 1951 Lewis Carroll illustrated novel, one of my personal favorites, perfect for a vintage antique touch.
Or, a classic image of what most of us think of when you think Alice, the Disney version!
And as I announced in one of my previous posts, I know we are all looking forward to Tim Burtons release of the new live Alice In Wonderland!
It's very limited image wise however, so don't get too sucked into the excitement.
Or you can use any other images you find online that you think creatively displays the essence of Alice in Wonderland. Have you ever heard of the video game "Alice" by American McGee's Alice, a dark and sinister twist on the classic story.
Let me know what you think...I know it's such a work in progress. But I'd just love to know what you think, because I want everyone to get a taste of every character from tons of different swappers.

Once again, Not sign ups. I will be posting those hopefully on the next post, which makes this one all the more important!!!

I hope you ladies have an amazing incredible week and I look forward to each and every comment you girls leave me!!!!

I'm estimating about 3 weekes to do these, because we are all so busy in the summer. If you are interested at all in this swap please leave a comment letting me know, the more I get here the more I can prepare for the swap.


Le Vintage


  1. This sounds fun! How long would we have to make the tags?

  2. Ok, 3 to 4 weeks sounds great! How do I sign up?

  3. Well I am still waiting for the Marie swap tags. However this one although it would be fun it is a bit too complicated and restrictive. I don't necessarily want to have the characters picked for me. It would be hard to have to choose and then keep track of what and whom. Look we had 10 Marie and look what happened. I am afraid based on these rules I might have to decline the swap. Maybe it should be just your take on alice, or list 12 Characters listed and everyone pick one?

  4. Your idea is ever so clever. A bit complicated though.
    But I think you need to have the swap as you wish and either we comply with your all your guidlines and deadlines and say...Yeah, I can do that. Or if we can't meet the guidlines and deadline for whatever our personal reason is...than simply not sign up this time around.

  5. Your blog is fabulous and I love your swap idea. The French artists would have been cool, too! I'd love to have the time to make tags. Sigh. Someday!

  6. Hello Le Vintage,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your sweet visit to my blog and that you entered my B-day giveaway. I couldn't find you listed as a follower anywhere though. I looked and looked.
    Come back by as it must have had a glitch.

    Your blog is so stunning and beautiful. I will be back to visit you again soon. ~Lovely.

    Have a blessed evening my friend.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  7. Oh I adore Alice In Wonderland!! You girls will have so much fun :) You have such a beautiful blog! I love your background :)


  8. I think it's a great idea using several of the characters. I'm excited. I love Alice in Wonderland. :)

  9. I love Alice no Matter What form. I am up to doing whatever you think. I have new ideas after the last swap which was my first one! I hope we will have a few weeks to prepare these though as I am involved in a few projects right now. BUT I really can't wait to do this one!

  10. 1-Alice Kingsley
    2-Mad Hatter
    3-White Rabbit
    4-White Queen
    5-Red Queen
    6-Cheshire Cat
    8-Knave of Hearts
    10-The Jabberwock
    11-March Hare
    What if were to go with Debra's suggestion
    ...and we picked one of let's say these 12?

  11. Hello Ariele,
    I am going to have to skip this swap :(. I have the FaN Swap going on my blog and my parents will be coming to visit from overseas for TWO months. Ughhh, I love seeing them a lot but just even mentioning the months part is exhausting...
    I will catch up with you for future swaps..;)

  12. I would love to participate in your Alice in Wonderland swap, no matter what the decision is in regard to the guidelines. I just need a few weeks to prepare! I am very excited to start creating! Thanks for the opportunity to play. ~Nan

  13. I'm interested-sounds good-whatever, just let me know. I'm on an Alice kick anyway. What about something using cool playing cards instead of tags or as tags, since the cards were part of the story? A little conused about the swapping-less mailing sounds better to me. :)

  14. Sounds great! HOwever, a little confusing. I would need to know exactly what the swap would be. Thanks. I'll keep a look out for the sign-up post. Have a great weekend!

  15. Such a lovely place... I'll be back to visit soon!

    Happy day!

  16. I just commented that I wasn't going to be able to do the swap, and then I erased it because I can't bear to not be a part of one of your glorious swaps!!! My health has been in the sewer the past month, but maybe this is just the thing to get me on my feet again!! I don't think the directions sound confusing and I would love to join in the fun! I'll be waiting for the next post, thanks for the being such a fabulous hostess!
    happy happy