Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alice Swap Sign Ups!!!

"Should we hold hands?"

"We can't."
"But why?"
"Because, people will know."
"Know what?"

"About us."
"So what if they know?"
"It's better when it's a secret."
"So no one can take it from us."
( A History Of Love, Nicole Krauss)

Official Alice In Wonderland Tim Burton Trailer 3D

Click Here! Sit Back and ENJOY!!!!

If you're signing up, here are the requirements:

1. Submit a comment on THIS post including

  • you're first and last name
  • you're email address
  • you're character of preference
  • you're two back up choices

2. Attach a copy of the Alice In Wonderland Tag Swap Image either in a post or somewhere on you're blog, along with a link to my web page;

3. Click the Google Adsense box above this post to help earn revenue for future swaps. Once I have a decent amount, that money will be going to shipping costs so that you only have to send you're tags to me and I use that money to ship you're tags individually for you. This helps you cut back on both time and money, all for a simple click.

4. Please keep in mind that you most likely won't get one of you're first few choices. You have the entire list to choose from, but try to pick the most creative characters you can w
ork with. If you think of a character that’s not on the list that you want to do, just send me an email at to discuss it with me, I'll most likely say yes =]

5. After you are assigned a character, do you're research!!! Take this swap seriously, and hopefully for all of us it will be flawless. This one is special and exciting with the release of the new movie debut around March 2010, so personally I am not only putting a lot of time into this one but a lot of money. Respectively, please do the same by only sending out a tag that you personally would have loved to receive.

6. Right now I am predicting you will be making roughly about 12 Tags; all themed by the classic story Alice In Wondeland by Lewis Carroll. Each tag should have the name/information of you're blog on it, but please be sure to put it on the back.

7. The deadline is Monday, October 5. ALL tags must be mailed out, and there is a zero tolerance policy on this swap. If you fail to abide by this rule, I will have to take into consideration disqualification from future swaps out of respect for the other participants. Immediately after sending out you’re tags or if something comes up, please send me an email letting me know- this is extremely important so please take the time to do so.

8. Use proper tag materials for creating you're masterpiece.

You can find these at you're local craft store for under $3. The tags should be fairly light, however that also

depends on how much you are willing to pay for shipping. Tag sizes can vary, you can make them any shape and size you'd like but make it reasonable. Often tags are a basic 4 3/4" x 2 3/8"

9. After I receive you're final confirmation email providing you're mailing address, I am going to individually send you a list of the ladies you'll be swapping tags with, including their blog information.

10. Next up- Shipping! I would suggest using a Padded Mailer Envelope to avoid damages to you're beautiful tags. Though it costs extra, you'd be so heartbroken if you're stuff arrived damaged and probably sad if someone received you're treats harmed. However as an alternative, you can make you're own. Using sturdy envelope and 2 pieces of good cardboard, you can pad it with packaging material or even some tissue paper and decorate it to you're fancy! This can even save you money.

11. Email me and provide me with you're mailing address so I can continue ke
eping my records updated and respond with any questions/ comments you may have. Feel free to contact me here or via yahoo for any reason.
And remember these two things- don't send out anything you wouldn't
want to receive, and be creative!!!!!! This post may be updated daily, assigning bloggers to characters and updating rules as people submit questions, so though it may not pop up new on the blogs you're following, try to remember to take a visit every once in a while.

* This Swap is Open to U.S. Swappers only*

Hope you guys have an amazing upcoming weekend. It's 2 am and I can't sleep...I already drank the warmest cup of raspberry tea the hubby bought me last Christmas, dreaming of my white wonderland coming up this December. We've been saving up for Oregon for years, and came across a streak of bad luck that drained the entire fund (stupid lawyers), and then my 8 months stunt without work, but now we're trying to get back on track and waiting for an opportunity for him to transfer to arrive. So I took this insomnia opportunity to write up the rules for you. It's been these sleepless nights for weeks now, and the doctor prescribed me something but it's not putting me to sleep. Hmmm I'm not sure what else to try, suggestions!

The Chesire Cat
Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum
The Caterpillar
The Mad Hatter
The White Rabbit - Le Vintage
The Dodo
The Mouse
The Duchess
The Queen of Hearts
The White Queen
The Red Queen
The Card Gaurds
The Eaglet
The March Hare
The Mock Turtle
The King of Hearts
The Knave of Hearts
Bill The Lizard
*See last post for full list*

XOXO Le Vintage


  1. Hi Arielle! I was up in the middle of the night, too! My email is:
    My characters of preference are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum as I was Tweedle Dee in a ballet when I was in eighth grade! My mom even saved the costume which my daughter and neices love to play with! My two back up choices are The Caterpillar and The Card Guards. I would love to participate with any characters, so please, let me know who I am assigned and I will begin!
    Happy day!

  2. Hello Ariell, this sounds like a lot of fun. My choice is "Alice." My second choices are "The Queen of Hearts" and "The Rabbit." My email address is Looking forward to working on this one. Have a great weekend.

  3. TheWhite Queen, the White Rabit, Chesire Cat,
    I was so looking forward to this I decided to do an Alice swap too. hop on over if you would like to do it.
    I have yet to pick a will be after yours so there will enough time.

  4. caterpillar, card guarda, cheshire cat
    Missy Hollenbeck

  5. Hi Arielle! I'd like to do the Mad Hatter; 2nd choice is the Mock Turtle, 3rd is the Dodo. This looks like so much fun...thanks for hosting these awesome swaps!

    Anita Van Hal

  6. Hi: I would love to participate in your swap. My first choice is the Cheshire cat, then the caterpiller and then the Red Queen.

    Nancy Stone

  7. Hello Ariell, how much fun we are all going to have falling down the rabbits hole. My choice is "The Duchess." My second choices are "The Mouse" and "The Mock Turtle." My email address is vintagesusie_2@msn. Looking forward to playing with all my new friends. Have a great weekend & thanks for organizing this all!

  8. If, and this is a big if (you would have to extend the due date, there just is not enough time) I would be interested. First Choice? hmm, Perhaps white rabbit, second the walrus and the carpenter, third would be King of Hearts. Please only count me if you are going to allow a bit more time. Right now you have less than a week and a half to work on them. I will need more time.

  9. Thank you so much for inviting me to this tag swap. I had so much fun and really enjoyed the Marie Antoinette Tag Swap. Unfortunately, I am just spread a bit too thinly as the present time and am sorry that I cannot participate at this time. Elaine

  10. Hello everyone...Are we still going forward with the Tag Swap Here? Let me know what the status is. Thanks.

  11. I really like the swap idea. I would like to participate if it is still open.

    1. My name is Jennifer Kirby
    2. My email is: gr8blond1 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    3. The characters I would like are 1) The March Hare, 2) The Card Guards, 3) The Jabberwock

    My blog is

    Thank you.
    Have a great day!


  12. I would love to join. Let's see
    1st choice - Alice
    2nd choice - Mad Hatter
    3rd choice - Queen of Hearts
    4th choice - White Rabbit
    5th choice - King of Hearts

    Becky Swartzlander (Becs)