Friday, September 18, 2009

Through the looking glass...

Hello Lovelies!!!!!

I hope you're as excited as I am I think this is gonna be really fun!
Time for a new twist, I had a wonderful suggestion from the talented Vintage Susie.
Due to the lack of characters, anyone interested in signing up for a second is more than welcome to!!! We;ll have you swap the tag with other 2 tag swappers =] Pick any character I'm sure you'll get it!

Alice - (not taken yet but possibly Studio At Crow Haven Farm)
The Chesire Cat - Nancy Stone
Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum - Beth Jaffe
The Caterpillar - Missy Hollenbeck
The Mad Hatter - Anita Van Hal
The White Rabbit - Le Vintage
Walrus and the Carpentar- Debra Abel
The Dodo
The Mouse
The Duchess - Vintage Susie
The Queen of Hearts - Studio at Crow Haven Farm
The White Queen - Terri Gauthier
The Red Queen
The Card Gaurds
The Eaglet
The March Hare
The Mock Turtle
The King of Hearts
The Knave of Hearts
Bill The Lizard

Let me know!!!!
And get ready the next fun ( of course, quick&easy) surprise will be announced soon!
Keep spreading the word swap sign up's are still open! I'd love to have just a few more participants!

Hubby and I are going garage saling hopefully tomorrow, I can't wait to go on the hunt and post all my goodies!!!!

Le Vintage


  1. Hi, it's me, Becs... I guess you did not get my reply emails. You asked if I wanted to do Alice and I said I would. I did not get a reply back, so I am not sure what you decided. I have been collecting Alice items, and was going to start on my tags. Should I wait or continue. (also, I can do an additional character too) Waiting for your reply...Becs

  2. One other question...does it matter what artist(or interpretation) we use graphics from? Becs

  3. What a delightful blog you have! Love all the graphics!


  4. I'd be happy to do the duchess along with the King of Hearts...the Queen must have her man! Just to be sure, I'll be making 12 of each character, right? & thanks for the heads up on the difference of tags & atcs. Being my 1st swap, I was getting them confused. Thanks, Susie :)

  5. I would do the Knave of Hearts if it isn't taken, Can you give me the details?

  6. I'm not sure that you've received my email! It's a doosie too! I'm not able to do the swap due to too many things on my plate this Fall. I am so so sorry and hope that somebody else is fabulous enough to pick up the adorable Tweedle twins!
    Please forgive me and my horrible unfriendly comment here!

  7. I would love to join in but dont have time but hope you wont mind me following your lovely blog. it looks so much fun
    hugs June xxxx
    ps, be back soon :)

  8. Thanks, I would also be glad to do another set. Let's see
    I can do
    the march hare or
    the card guards or
    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

  9. Oh, I guess I could leave my addy to get a hold of me. lol Wanda

  10. What a delightful blog you have! Love all the graphics!

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