Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Do you like them? I took some time yesterday and made myself a beautiful Marie Antoinette bottle with ribbon and lace and flowers and diamonds and pearls and bows. The picture on the
back is an antique style vintage ad
with gemstones. I think it's pretty, it's my first one. I'm not sure if I put it on my etsy if anyone would have any interest, I'd love you're opinion!

Buttons Buttons Buttons Galore!
buttons are always fun but shiny, vintage style antique ones are the best to me. And I have a whole collection of them available for you for such a low price on my etsy, you've got to check it out for hours of fun.
They are available in packs of 50 for only $5 each =]

Also, I made a new set of chandelier
tags for all my chandelier tag fans =]
These are very simple as well, the
way I like it. That way if you want
to alter them to make them you're
own please feel welcome to. These are on a pale pink damask background with a detailed image of a chandelier on it, all with 12 crystal rhinestones on it.
Beautiful detailed lace is used for the ribbon, and the backs are left blank for all you're tagging needs.
I'm always excited to hear you're opinion and see you're suggestions!!!

Check out this amazing, perfect, adorable petite size little teapot/needle pin pusher. I found it hidden deep in a local antique shop and couldnt let the treasure get away. The teapot is still in great condition and has all the original gems attached. I love the intricate detailing on the handle and footwork. I think with a little polishing it'll be etsy ready.
The last treat I have you today is my current favorite little trinket! I found this thrifting a few days ago for only $ .50 Right now the carosoul is gracing my lovely bathroom, it turns and everyting!
I think it just goes so well with the big diamonds and the reflection of the mirror. It reminds me of a Marie Antoinette circus =]

That's my post for today and I'm really hoping you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy all of yours! I will be starting a REALLY fun and exciting swap soon, and I'm going to be starting my swap list so if you're like to sign up, just leave me a comment with you're name and send me an email with you're mailing address to le_vintage@yahoo.com

It's going to be ATC card swap in which the only requirement is you must use an authentic antique cabinet card (app. 6.5 x 4.5) and it must have a vintage/antique theme. Otherwise, this swap is for you to have fun and express yourself however you want!

Here are a few fun ideas:


  1. I LOVE your Marie Antoinette bottle you decorated and I like your chandelier tags too.
    I'm curious about the swap, not sure if I should dare or not sign up... I just hope I'm prepared and stocked for the theme you are announcing!! I'll stick around...=)

  2. I'm so impressed! You're so creative! And the hotel silver teapot must be the bargain of the century!! I'm so inspired, I want to get out my glue gun and make something!!! I am certain Marie Antoinette would sell by the way!!
    Nice to "meet" you!
    Toma, aka The Antiques Diva

  3. How sweet is that bottle?!!! You have inspired me to dig out the bottles I have been picking up and do something with them. :)

  4. Thanks for popping by and saying Hi on my blog. I just love your blog and your Marie bottle is gorgeous!

  5. OOOO The bottle is divine! I love stopping in to see what you are creating.

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet commment! I am so happy to know that you are enjoying the clip art! Cabinet cards are one of my favorite things to collect.
    Your blog is really beautiful and Marie Antoinette is absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Carol Anne

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yours is outstanding!

    Love how you decorated your bottles, and any girl that loves chandeliers is a friend of mine!! I made the invitations for my daughter's rehearsal dinner with a chandy theme!!

    Angelic Accents

  8. Hi there, what a gorgeous blog. I just came over after finding your lovely comment on one of my blogs about my card. Thanks so much it made my day and since coming here to see yours .. it means even more as i love what you do here and this is a stunning blog you have beautiful things
    Hugs June xxx
    i think i shall follow this :)

  9. Pretty Pretty things! Your blog is divine and thanks so much for stopping by mine... vintage is fun, isn't it?