Sunday, April 19, 2009

Antique Photos!

First I want to thank all my new friends reading and following my blog!
I'm so honored that you take the time out of you're busy schedules to read my posts!

So I wanted to share with you guys some more beautiful antique photographs
that I just hope you love as much as I do.

This one makes me smile every time with it's original scalloped edges and their matching suits. I call it the Mysterious Brothers because the card has no writing or inkling about who they are, where they're from, nothing! It's soooo mysterious =]

My, what a warm winter coat this little angel has on in the midst of a Boston, Massachusetts winter. She looks all bundled up in that hand knit button up and her precious little bonnet.
completely authentic and not a full size cabinet card, this is perfect for you're next vintage project!

You would be surprised how difficult it is to find a completely authentic antique cameo photograph! My collection has a fair amount of 1 x 1 " cameo slips, but rarely do I grace upon a full sized, non slip (meaning you can change the picture) antique cameo. Such a handsome young man, this one is a real treat and easy to work with craft wise.

Formal young man of 15 or 16! I love him in his Sunday best, standing next to such an intricate and a rich setting with tasseled curtains and thick oak desks. How ironic it has printed on it "Low Price Grade". This cabinet card just has so many stories oozing out of it!

Well, I think that would complete my post for today, I hope you loved those photographs and don't forget everything you see here is on sale in my etsy so be sure to swing by.



  1. I love your vintage Photos:)
    And thank you so much for the sweet comment. You have made my day.

  2. I want to thank YOU for coming by my blog yesterday. That is how I found you and now youre on my favorite blogs list, not just follow you gal. I love your posts and blog. Those antique photographs are so much fun especially the girl in the hand knit coat. She has that stunned look!! =)

  3. Love your charming vintage photos! I never find photos, but then again, I'm usually not looking closely. There's a lady in the antique mall where I rent space who uses vintage photos for price tags. Thanks for stopping by to see my silver/pewter serving tray from my latest hunting trip to Good Will. I would love to list it for sale, but it is soooo heavy, the price for shipping may be cost prohibitive!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments about my "Paris" book...I appreciate it so much. I love your collection of cabinet photos, they are wonderful!

  5. I'm swooning! This is such a gorgeous blog! Your background is so detailed and eyecatching!

  6. Love those old photos - they make you wonder about their lives and who they were and how they lived...and why they never showed their teeth? haha. Love your blog background! Thanks for visiting me -


  7. Great photos!!! Makes you wish you knew what they were thinking. Laurie

  8. Love your old photos!

  9. well, you are welcome! even considering this is my first time over here :)

    and interesting that you posted usually don't see someone posting dressed up boys- that one's expression says: I am totally going places....