Friday, April 17, 2009


Time for some new eye candy!

Isn't that just a darling little mirrored pendant by Manor House? I just love using them in Marie Antoinette projects, the reflection of her supports you can never have too many!

Pink beads are my favorite item of the week right now, I can use them on anything with the help of my hot glue gun. All these are available as a set and you can order as many as you want of you're favorite!

This photograph of two mischievous little boys is in my opinion, priceless! For you, only $5 These brothers are quite an eyeful in their little polka dot shirts and giant bows! It's hard to let go, but I know someone else can put it to use on an incredible project

And now, for the treat that's distracted me from posting the last few days, a sample of my famous simplicity tags! The chandelier set I'm presenting to you today is one of my personal favorites, an entire collection of letters A - Z in stunning turquoise glittered capital letters and a black silhouette chandelier. All tags include a set of 2 pearl and 4 diamond gems and a lovely black lace ribbon.

Everything you saw on here is available for sale for only $5, and the tag set is $10 for 26 beautiful tags. I'd love you're opinion on them, and what you'd like to see on you're favorite tag!



  1. Oh HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE the tags, and all the other goodies. I just started my Etsy store (still trying to figure it all> I hope I have time this weekend and find your store! You have the most beautiful stuff! The tags are my favorite!!! What a great deal too, with the pearls and diamonds on them......LOVE them!!! Did you make them? If so you are a very talented girl!!!
    HAPPY DAY!!!

  2. What gorgeous tags! =o) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Hope your Easter was happy too! =o)


  3. these tags are beautiful....lots of hard work..
    God bless you

  4. Wow! That's a lotta tags! I'm impressed! I like the teal and black color combo! :-)

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments... just love old things & brining them to life... love your sepia pictures...
    Marion ;0)