Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My first entry!

I am so excited to finally start my own blog! This blog will be filled with treasures available from my warm home to yours. Ranging from antiques and old photographs, my other passion is vintage crafts! So please keep an eye out for all the fun things I'll be posting and share all your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. I look forward to reading all your blogs and posting!

Here's little taste of some of the fun treasures I have available!

What a gorgeous perfume bottle, approximately 2x1 made of heavy glass from Anthropolgie

Everyone loves a good cameo! Here is a very popular item of mine, the black and white Cameo button by La Mode. Perfect for just about any project you can think of!

This is an absolutely stunning Manor House Antique Scissor Pendant with silver border.

Here is an example of the beads I provide, $3 each and available upon request in ANY color, shape, or size. This option also available for ribbons, lace, and bows.

For all you Marie Antoinette lovers, these are gorgeous Thank You cards with a light blue Damask background and a detailed Chandelier as a focal point. Insides are completely blank for your creative pleasure =]

One of my number one sellers is Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter. Available in both fine and coarse, all colors. Please don't hesitate to ask for what your looking for. This glitter is a must have- I've yet to find one that works better on every project!

Over the years I have developed an extensive collection of beautiful Antique Photographs, ranging from children, marriage, pets, young and old men, woman in all forms of beauty, and anything else you can think of! Feed you're instinctive desire to delve into the history of our ancestors by picking out the one that expresses itself the most to you. Unlike their usual range of $15-45 that you'll find at antique stores, these priceless images will all be selling for $10 or less.

I hope you guys enjoyed my blog! It's my first one so I look forward to your comments and input! Yay!

L. v_


  1. Oh my goodness...Your blog is stunning!!! Thanks for coming by and letting me know!!! Laurie

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. Thanks for leaving a comment. I always love to meet new freiends online.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. what a pretty place to be! i just started a blog myself, just found you..will be sure to visit your etsy store..zanne

  4. Oh how fun! I love this bottle!!! Do you still have it?

  5. I love vintage photographs..i have the best photo's of my grandparents in oval frames..... your blog is outstanding! thanks so much for the great read.