Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easters Tomorrow!!!

Today I have spent the day editing my blog, making it aesthetically appealing to you =]
I hope you like it, I can't wait for my first comment or my first follower!

But most of all, I look forward to my first tag swap! My walls are already filled with tags in the process with all different themes, but I'll have to be patient. I'll post some pictures once I have a few favorites done.

Once the hubby gets off work, were going to go to two places:
a small hole in the wall Vintage Anthropology shop in a neighboring town, and we're buying me my 5th chandelier to add the the cluster. I already have it picked out, but they have purple and clear and black and pink and every color imaginable.
and for him? well, it's off the the Vintage Guitar Gems store, for him to play some music.
(I guess 4 guitars at home isn't enough for a musician) but it's my favorite music store too.

You may be wondering what I have for you today... well, lets take a look!

Meet Bertha! I have so much fun naming all the antique photographs I collect with something to match their personality. These and over 800 other photographs that I've collected are available for sale, ranging from $5, and come with a spectacularly unique tag. I have categories ranging from woman, children, man, families, class photos, and babies. Here's my favorite male match for Ms. Bertha.

Aww, Vincent and Bertha <3>This is a completely packaged Manor House Cross Pendant, which is sooooo great and perfect for so many of my arts and crafts, I just had to share it with you. Available for $5

And this is another personal favorite of mine, Paper Flowers that can stick to basically anything and look good, I have 10 bottles left, $5 each like everything else. 7.09 grams. 1/2 oz. In a plethora of different colors and patterns. Grab this while it's still here!

Leave some comments so I know I'm not alone on here and I think I want to start planning my first tag swap! I've never done it before so any advice would be appreciated, haha!

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  1. Your blog is really beautiful! Good for you, and thanks for visiting mine. Where did you find this background blog wallpaper? I love it! You can get the Marie magazine at Michael's, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million or order from

  2. Welcome to blogland!!
    Thanks for your kind comment! I like to have fun with my blog. Hint: the more blogs you visit and leave a comment on, the more visitors you will have.
    I'll be checking back.
    Deb :)