Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm back

The past few weeks have not only been long but also strenuous. It's going on 6 months now that I'm unemployed and I am moving in a month. I'm excited to pack and feel refreshed in a new place, this one is filled with too many bad memories.

Yesterday was one of the first good days in a while, in addition to making a sale on etsy for the first time in too long, and the amazing butterflies I get when I can share a vintage antique with a fellow cabinet card lover, but my hubby made the sweetest dinner, an amazing steak and potatoes and desert and appetizer too! He is an amazing cook, I guess I'm the baker because I love making the sweet treats. We spent the night having a movie night with our friend Dan, unfortunately his girlfriend Christina had to work. There was even a marathon of my favorite show during the day and best of all- yesterday I found out an article I submitted for a local Southern California magazine was accepted. Shhhh the magazine is a secret because I'm bashful, but let's just say I'm proud of myself.

Today was not so good, I found out I'll have to pay an extra $500 on my last month of rent due to a bad roommate, and I've spent the day battling legal situations and delegating with my lawyer. It really drains the energy from me and I think constantly about how it would be so easy to just be friends if people weren't so stubborn.

I've been working hard on finding new vintage photographs for people because my selection on etsy doesn't appear to be flourishing enough, I'm just so nervous to put more and more up when the old ones have been up for so long...I'm sure you guys will say "it'll sell" hehe. I'm not sure if I need more selection or more cliental, I spend time researching but it's hard to not take it personally after a while.

I can share a few with you, I need to pass the time until the hubby gets back and I can make dinner, but that won't be until 11 pm and I wish I had more crafts to make. Otherwise, I can just keep blogging and hope I'm not boring you!

Here's a few for you're viewing pleasure. I'd love to know you're favorite's I haven't put all these on my etsy yet and I'd love to know the final consences. Let me know!

How about a Poll!?!?!?
I want YOUR opinion <3



what about those beautiful signature unique one of a kind backs that make the most fascinating rare projects with you're own cabinet card? the forgotten side....



Well there are six beautiful antique photographs I could explain each in detail but I want to know which one you love the most! I want to fill this post with beautiful shiny and elegant picture and lovely Antoinette treats but right now I need to pay some bills, yay!

Hahaha. Hope you all had a wonderful week and I can't wait to get some comments to make my day. I am dying to see and catch up to each and every one of them.

You're blogs are so beautiful and I love reading every one.


  1. I would say keep your chin up, and I hope things look up soon. This year has felt like a challenge for me too. Kudos to your hubby for cooking! lol mine won't even make his own toast. lol I hope you have a smooth move, BEAUTIFUL Blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My two favorites are the first one of the baby boy, and the last with the four ladies. The little boy is so precious and the group of ladies remind me of old school pictures of groups of friends.

  3. I know it doesn't seem like it now...but have faith, things will get better....I think they already are (smile), you're moving to a new home, a fresh start :) You'll be busy with decorating and setting up the new home, making it beautiful and cozy and before you know it everything will be getting better. :)
    I love the photo of the little boy and the four women.
    Hugs, Toni

  4. Wow girl, you've got a lot on your plate right now. Please know that even though some (if not most) of us do not leave comments every time, we are still checking in on you often!!!!! (And catching up what we missed in between).
    Don't ever feel down about your blog or about your beautiful items on etsy. There are a million lurkers out there and I am sure that you have inspired someone everyday and you don't even know it. Keep your chin up and concentrate on making your new place a home. I wish you lots of best wishes there!!!! :)
    Oh, and I like number 3 most of all. I am a cabinet card freak and I love the reverse images!!!!
    everything vintage

  5. My favorite is that sweet little boy in the first photo. He is quite the handsome little lad. Sorry to hear about your unemployed seems like you have plenty of company with the horrible economy we are experiencing. Keep the faith - something will turn up eventually. I think your move sounds exciting and will be a fresh new start for you. Best of luck!

  6. Love all of this. I am addicted to altering cabinet cards. I have seen quite a few people use the arty back from the photo studio and photoshop it and change it to your own name and contact info. Cool huh? Thanks for stopping by my blog too!