Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day!

Google ad sense is on my blog and i don't want it there how do i get rid of it?
it wont let me sign into my account either...grrr...frustrating


LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was playing around in a local abandoned house with the hubby and we found all these antiques! mostly empty picture frames and candlesticks and dishes but I found 2 sheets from an antique scrapbook, still in perfect condition.

These are SUCH a find i had to throw them up here, I'll do one now and save the other for later =]

I really hope that this little treasure sells, etsy has been so slow lately!!! But if you hop on there real quick, there's a full detailed description of all 9 pictures.

wanna hear something sad? that Marie Antoinette bottle sold in one day the first time i put it up and i've made so many more beautiful ones but the other one up just wont sell

so i added a few things of little something extra to spice it up so let me know what you think! im always open to constructive criticsm.

i love this little cricket necklace pendant! I'm going to have so much fun embellishing my crafts with this, hehe the expression on his face is priceless. thank you manor house. =]

i've been having so much fun playing with these pins, they are great for all my crafting needs, especially cos i have them in every color, 3 shades of pink too, and also the colorful hearts and leaf pins! if you want to order any, i can get you any color just let me know.

okay well how about an update on me, you ask? well, my unemployeement status is still at a severe downful. i am so sick of being cooped up at home, not that I need to be but aside from job hunting and crafting and cooking and cleaning there's not much more to do. haha, just kidding, kind of. well, i definetly think once i get a job it's about time to add a new chandelier to the cluster in the master bedroom, i'll have to photograph it and show you guys sometime!

hope you're weekends are going well, mine hasn't been too bad. the hubby is working so hard that i hardly ever get to see him, but we need the money and he doesnt complain

ill return all comments, leave me some love


  1. Oh I am so glad you shared these pics. How wonderful you found them. So sorry you are not selling on etsy. I don't belive any one is. I would buy your bottle in a heartbeat but my paypal account is soooo low! Like everyone in the artworld no sales:(
    Hope your weekend is full of sunshine.

  2. Love the cabinet cards! I think all mustache's are weird. Cute cute cute blog!

  3. Google AdSense on your Dashboard? Yes, everyone's got them - and the mobile and email icons. Google just updated everyone. Just don't use it! There doesn't seem to be any way to get rid... I don't want those other icons either, they just clog up the Dashboard and make it look even more confusing.

    Apart from that, love your goodies. What a find, hey!

  4. I love the photos you found. The bottle is pretty too. Like you, sales are slow here too but don't worry gal. I keep making pretty stuff just because its fun anyway.
    I have been a stay at home mum for about 4 years now. I kinda feel like I need a job just to get out and meet people but I'm also used to stay home and puttering now.
    Have a good sunday!!

  5. Now what are you doing snooping around in abandoned houses??? Lucky you to find those treasures!!!! Everything is so pretty, especially your Marie will sell.
    everything vintage